50x Business and Finance illustration collection

50x Business and Finance illustration collection! High quality vector files.

Bundle contains:
• 50 individual vector files (EPS v10).
• 50 JPG of individual files.
• 50 PNG of individual files.
Very detailed high quality business and finance situations in illustration!
• Hand holding money bag
• Building value increase
• Fishing money
• Online shop icons
• Contract
• Bank building
• Credit cards
• Coin with shop
• Idea, charts and gear
• Men searching with magnifying glass
• Man with idea head (bulb)
• Man running after his money
• Money tree growing
• Coin with magnifying glass
• Gear, cloud, computer and mobile icon
• Chart
• Growth chart
• Time is money
• Piggybank with coins
• Dollar bag
• Thief running away with money bag
• Man holding a trophy
• And much much more
A ALL-IN-ONE package with everything you need to represent business, finance, growth and success!

Vector is unlimited size. JPG and PNG at maximum of 9000 x 9000 and minimum of 6000 x 6000.
  • 50 illustrations in one download
  • High quality vector
  • Unique illustrations