50X Bread Character/Expression Illustrations

50X Bread Character/Expression High quality icon/ pictures.

Bundle contains:

50 EPS of individual vector/files (EPS 10).
50 JPG of individual files.
50 PNG of individual files.
Very detailed illustrations of read Character/Expression High quality icon/ pictures.

Bread Confused ,
Bread Crying ,
Bread Facial , 
Bread Laugh ,
Bread happiness ,
Bread chill ,
Bread smile ,
Bread sad ,
Bread joy ,
Bread positive ,
Bread anger ,
Bread tears,
Bread fear ,
Bread cheerful ,
Bread bored , 
Bread Surprised ,
Bread worried ,
Bread anxiety ,
Bread sleepy ,
Bread dull ,
Bread confused ,
Bread Amazed .
ALL-IN-ONE package with everything you need for ChineseNewYear Icon/Vector.

Vector is unlimited size. JPG and PNG at maximum of 9000 x 9000 and minimum of 6600 x 6600.

*To open the vector files you must have a software that can open EPS files from Illustration version 10 (compatible with all vector software).
  • 50 complex illustrations in one download
  • High quality vector
  • Low price