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On Deeezy.com you’ll find all kinds of amazing products, like the premium items that come with our Extended Commercial License, and even members-only freebies! We keep our products exclusively for members – premium items and freebies are only available right here on Deeezy.com.

Deeezy.com resources can be used on any of your designs or products that are for sale. Both the premium items and the freebies can be used as a part of digital or non-digital designs (such as posters, t-shirts, stickers, web templates, etc.). However, the files are not licensed for reselling or giving away to non-members. In the case of digital items where Deeezy.com resources have been used, they should be flattened into the background of your digital work – no vector shapes, elements, or fonts should remain that could be extracted by other users. For more information, please visit our License page.

Design without limits with our exclusive license

Deeezy.com opens up a new world of creative possibilities for all of your design projects. We offer the only graphic design membership that provides the entire catalogue of products in one exclusive Extended Commercial License.

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What makes us so unique?

  • Unlimited downloads for every membership
  • Powered by hand-picked freelance design experts
  • One Extended Commercial License for all of our content
  • Daily additions to our content offerings