Privacy policy

This privacy policy describes the way in which utilizes the information we collect. It also describes the measures that are taken to protect this information, whether the user is a vendor, a member, or just a visitor. works to ensure that the privacy of all its users is protected. If we ask for any information, we make sure that everything is handled in compliance with our privacy statement. may change the privacy policies from time to time; any and all changes will be reflected in this page. Notification of the changes will be done through the Privacy Statement. To learn about the changes, simply check this page to read about our updated policies.

What kinds of information are collected by

The information that may be collected by the website is as follows:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information, which may include your email address

If you’re concerned about sharing this information, it’s easy to visit the website anonymously as well.

How will use the information they collect?

At, we only collect information for the purposes of understanding the needs of members and visitors. It allows us to improve the services we provide, by using the following strategies:

  • Keeping the website’s records up-to-date
  • Utilizing user data to improve the way the website operates, as well as constantly updating our products and services to ensure that our offerings are always relevant
  • Personalizing the page for each visitor, by customizing the products, services, or other items that are most likely to fit what they’re looking for
  • Customizing the offers and promotions that are sent to visitors will never sell your information, and it’s easy to unsubscribe from our email list at any time!

Protecting Information

We take the privacy of our users seriously. All of your information is protected by vigorous safeguards that are designed to protect not only your information, but your peace of mind as well.

Requesting Data Deletion

At, we understand the importance of your right to control your personal data. In compliance with our commitment to your privacy and data protection, we provide a straightforward process for you to request the deletion of your data associated with your account.

How to Request Data Deletion:

  • Log In to Your Account: To initiate the data deletion process, please log in to your account and navigate to the “My Profile” section.
  • Find the Deletion Option: At the bottom of the “My Profile” page, you will find a link titled “Delete my account.” Clicking this link will guide you through the next steps.
  • Confirm Your Decision: Once you click on “Delete my account,” you will be asked to confirm your decision. It’s important to note that this action is irreversible. Once you confirm, all data linked to your account will be permanently removed from our system.

Please be aware that the deletion of your account and associated data is a final action and cannot be undone. After deletion, you will not be able to retrieve any data or information previously associated with your account. If you have any concerns or questions about this process, please feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

By providing this data deletion option, we ensure that you have full control over your personal information in accordance with our privacy and data protection policies.

Links with third-party websites

In some cases, includes links to third-party websites. If we are recommending a link, it’s because the website contains products or information that could enhance the visitor’s experience. While we might recommend the website’s content, their privacy practices are out of our control; for this reason, the user is responsible for checking the privacy policies of any third-party websites.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act compliance

In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, we do not collect information from anyone under the age of 13. All of the information, products, and services on our website are intended for users aged 13 and over.

What can I expect to receive in the newsletters?

  • New free downloads
  • New premium downloads for members
  • Exciting discount codes for in-demand products
  • Other news from the world of digital creators, and an occasional sponsored newsletter from one of our partners

We never spam. We only give you news, deals, and freebies that we think you’d enjoy. We take your privacy very seriously, and will never share your personal details with a third party. If you ever want to update your email preferences or unsubscribe, you can either use the links at the bottom of the newsletter, or contact us directly.

Your name, email, and payment details are always secure. We process newsletters and other communications with Mailchimp and AWeber, so your identity is kept encrypted in secure servers. All payment details go through either Paypal, 2Checkout, or Braintree. When you provide your payment information, it’s never stored on – it goes directly to one of these payment processing services. is fully compliant with the GDPR. At, we respect your privacy and are committed to keeping your data safe and secure. For this reason, we welcome the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) created by the European Union. Each of the following steps has been engineered with your data security in mind:

  • To access our freebies and premium items, you’ll need to create an account. Simply enter your name and email address into the registration page. When it’s time to pay for your membership you’ll be directed to Braintree, where all of your payment information will be processed securely. Once you’ve signed up, simply click the “download” button to access your new items!
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to edit or delete your account. If you need help with this, just contact us for assistance.
  • If you wish to stop receiving the newsletters, it’s easy to unsubscribe! Just click the link at the bottom of the newsletter, or contact us with your request.