Banda Niera

Banda Niera is a modern sans serif font with 3 different weights plus 2 italics. Banda Niera has strong curvy on the edges with different curves intensity that gives a calligraphic taste. Inspired by bold typography and joyful designs. Banda Niera also has high readability that you can apply on editorial purposes.

This font family is recommended for a headline, subheadline, tagline or body text on the poster, flyer, snack packaging, quotes, logo or magazine. Versatile and multifunctional!

- Regular : Designed with medium kerning adjustment. Semi-monoline that suitable for body text or tagline.
- Medium : Medium weight is an optional style of display or headline. Also, perfect to apply on subheadline and combined with bold as the headline. Softly looks and elegant!
- Bold : More softly edges that show the flexibility of usage. Recommended on your logo or headline. More feminine but still applicable in other styles.
  • 3 Weights (Normal, Medium, Bold)
  • Good choice for editorial and headline
  • Elegant and organic design