Pedro Fernandes

Pedro Fernandes

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Pedrors is a Designer and Illustrator who lives in Minde, Portugal. Graduated with a degree in Communications Design from Advanced School of Technology and Management in Portugal. He does freelance Graphic Design, Illustration, and 3d Visualization.

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I am on a Roll!

March 31st 2023

Light Me Up!

March 29th 2023

Tired Coin!

March 29th 2023

I Donut Care!

March 27th 2023

Don´t Flip Me!

March 24th 2023

Buzz Off!

March 23rd 2023

Koala_ty Coffee!

March 20th 2023

Learning Bee!

March 17th 2023

Killer Bee!

March 16th 2023


March 14th 2023

Coffee Love!

March 13th 2023

Tooth Surf!

March 9th 2023

Lonely Coin!

March 6th 2023

Money Fight!

March 3rd 2023