Pedro Fernandes

Pedro Fernandes

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Pedrors is a Designer and Illustrator who lives in Minde, Portugal. Graduated with a degree in Communications Design from Advanced School of Technology and Management in Portugal. He does freelance Graphic Design, Illustration, and 3d Visualization.

Pedro Fernandes's Products


The CountDown!

February 29th 2024

Keep Your Privacy!

February 27th 2024

The Burglar!

February 26th 2024

Bully Screen!

February 22nd 2024

Heart and Sports!

February 22nd 2024

Runner Pizza!

February 20th 2024

Sneaker Monster!

February 16th 2024

The Burger!

February 12th 2024

Brain Light!

February 12th 2024

Piggy Bank Burglar!

February 9th 2024

The Journey!

February 8th 2024

Tangled Cables!

February 6th 2024

Fighting Slice!

February 5th 2024

Pizza Dragon!

February 1st 2024

Drink it Up!

January 31st 2024

Cool Wrap!

January 31st 2024

Fish & Chips!

January 30th 2024