Spaceship Creation Kit - Game Assets

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Spaceship Creation Kit - Galactic Set

Great for Space Games all types: Arcade, Adventure, Shooter Create your own Spaceships or use one from hundreds of ships already constructed. Full Vector Ai, EPS so you can scale it at any size without losing it’s quality + 1304 Transparent PNG files so you can use graphics directly on games.


1. Spaceship Components

Use components to make your own space ship Scale, move, rotate, flip objects and combine them to make unique spaceship design (change order of the layers - put rockets on bottom layer to be under wings or on top etc.) Available in 6 different colors. Vector Ai, Eps + 564 PNG.

2. Premade Ships and Objects

Pre-made Spaceships - Already constructed ships in different sizes and colors - Vector Ai, Eps + 354 PNG Pre-made Battle Platforms - Already constructed Battle platforms in different colors - Vector Ai, Eps + 54 PNG Pre-made Objects - Objects, platforms, obstacles - Vector Ai, Eps + 205 PNG

3. Bullets and Explosions

* Bullets - green, red, blue - Vector Ai, Eps + 24 png
* Hitlight (when bullet hit an obstacle) - green, red, blue (8 frames that can be used for animation) - Vector Ai, Eps + 24 PNG
* 2 Explosions (when obstacle explode - you can put multiple explosions on different sizes and with delay to make more interesting explosions) - 2 colors - (8 frames that can be used for animation) - Vector Ai, Eps + 16 PNG

4. Extra

Interface - example of how you can combine components to make buttons and windows Game Play Ideas - 2 ideas how to combine graphics for game, but you can use it for any game style that use spaceships

Features and Requirements

- Files type: Vector AI, Eps + Transparent PNG
- Fully customizable: you can change colors, size, etc.
- Creation Kit - hundreds of components that you can use to make your own ships or even buttons and interfaces

  • Vector Format
  • Premade Shops and Objects

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