Art Vector Icons

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Pack of 50 highly detailed color Flat Vector Icons includes variety of Vector Art Elements

Flat Art icons can be used for web and print design. Flat Art icons can be used with or without circles and long shadows & are easily editable. Flat Art icons are organized in a way that each icon has it’s name and each format is placed in appropriate folder, icons are arranged in folders according to size.

What does the Package Include?

**50 Icons**
- Theater Mask Icon
- Carnival Mask Icon
- Festive Mask Icon
- Perfume Icon
- Star
- Paper Plane
- Artistic Brush
- Paint Brush
- Feather Pen with Ink pot
- Red Pencil
- Brush Stroke
- Artist Tools
- Lead Pencil
- Paintbrush Tip
- Pen Nib
- Diagonal Pen Nib
- Paint Board and Brush
- Painter Palette and Brush
- Color Palette and Brush
- Painter Palette Doodle
- Paint Board
- Large Palette
- Minimal Palette
- Palette with One Color
- Circus Tent
- Paint Brush dipped in Paint
- Small Paint Brush
- Color Splash
- Vector Nodes
- Scissors
- Color Picker
- Paint Spray
- Scale
- Papers
- Pencil and Ruler
- Eraser
- Paint Canvas Tool
- Landscape Picture
- Color Wheel
- Polaroid Photograph
- Ribbon Bow
- Compass Marker
- Roller Brush
- Geometrical Compass
- Artist
- Origami Crane
- Paint Drop
- Paint Swatch
- Circular Ribbon
- Photo Film Roll

Looking for Additional Icons?

We value your feedback and requirements. Please fill out comments about your future / upcoming requirements. We will be adding new great icons to our collection very soon for FREE. Stay Tuned!
  • Pack of 50 highly detailed vector icons in 5 formats
  • Separate AI file properly organized in layers and groups (CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC)
  • Separate EPS file to use in all vector editing software
  • Isolated PNG files in 5 sizes (32px, 64px, 128px, 256px, 512px)
  • Isolated SVG files

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