Petrovica - Russian Emperor font

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"Petrovica" - historical stylization of the first reformed “civilian” Cyrillic font of the Russian emperor Peter the Great from the beginning of the 18th century. The history of its appearance is very unique and reflects the turbulent era of the accomplishments of the First Russian Emperor. For many centuries, the Cyrillic fonts were froze in their ancient forms inherited by Russia from the Byzantine church in 10-11th century. Dutch type masters made a new Russian Cyrillic font at the behest of Peter the Great, and it was based on personal sketches of the emperor. The new font called "civillian" had a very specific look due to the mixing of medieval archaic forms and the latest European type design. The font is not a reliable historical replica, but only an artistic stylization. The font has a strong handmade look and keeps the spirit of European history.

It has Extended Central Europe LATIN and Extended Eastern Europe CYRILLIC letters, numerals and basic punctuation. Supported languages: English, Russian, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian, Ukrainian and probably others )

Base style is Uppercase and smallcase for alternative glyphs. Take a look at the cyrillic glyphs if you want more alternative letters.

"Petrovica" can be used for a wide range of tasks: movie titles, poster design, web design, branding and packaging works, illustrations, badges and other typography works.

It includes: TTF + OTF + EOT + WOFF + WOFF2
  • historical stylization
  • Extended Central Europe LATIN and Extended Eastern Europe CYRILLIC

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