The Client Bundle | Part 1

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Featuring a whopping 744 of 2,528 icons from 32 multi-variety icon sets such as business, food, technology, engineering, 3d printing, social media, maps, beauty and so much more! Especially useful for freelance designers, creative agencies and design studios who work with multiple clients.

Here is a list of all the icon sets included in this mega bundle:
• 70 Communication Retro Icons
open book, walkie talkie, phone call, handsfree, news headline, equalizer, 24h support, mobile solutions, online support, fax, email, VHS tape, call forwarding, contacts, television, chatting, search, cassette, document, receiver, signal, headphone, monitor, speaker, film reel, video player, desktop messaging, calendar, microphone, postal service, talking, text messaging, radio, voice recorder, worldwide coverage, bluetooth, smartphone, share, message, messaging, readership, phone book, modem, wifi, table calendar, deadline, reporter, incoming, compass, earth station, floppy disk, music player, link, satellite truck, info, mailbox, camera, mobile messaging, satellite, incoming, webcam, landline, phone signal, video recorder, pen drive, handycam, cassette player, loudspeaker, outgoing, CD, data transfer

• 70 Engineering Icons
3d printer, aerial imaging, agreement, analog dc power supply, angle measurement, applications, area measurement, ball bearings, binary code, blueprint, building area measurement, building inspection, calculations, caliper, circuit board, clamp, compass, controller, curvimeter, design, drill, ecological research, electronics, engineer, engineering thinking, estimate, field controller, flow chart, function generator, geodetic equipment, geodetic station, geological survey, gyro theodolite, ic tester, idea, it engineering, laser level, magnet, micrometer, mobile engineering, oscilloscope, outside caliper, planning, power supply, propeller, pulse generator, repair, resistor, robot hand, safety goggles, saw blade, solar panel, soldering gun, tacheometer, tape measure, tech help, theodolite, thermal imager, thermometer, tools, topographic map, total station, transistor, voltmeter, volume measurement, water well drilling, welding mask, winch hook

• 71 Robotics Rounded Icons
robot, cyborg, robotic arm, robotic support, robotic dog, assembly, drone, shipping, controller, robot head, modern robot head, body tracking, brain chip, fighter robot, production, wind up, future eyeglasses, robotic surgery, fingerprint, finger scanner, creative technology, innovation, IQ, cyber eye, eye technology, self driving car, mainboard, charger, vacuum robot, remote control, robot leg, arm, robot hand, electric wheelchair, robot kit, robot charging, chatbot, robot contest, machine learning, wireless robot, AI, techno heart, test dummy, spiderbot, mini submarine, mono wheel robot, smart human, walking turret, walking scout, missile mech, robot manual, maintenance, robot 2, robot group, coding, repair, development platform, robot cost, robot blueprint, protoboard, 3d print, binary code, specifications, motor, solar energy, 3d sensor, batteries, robot zone, auto task, automatic control, start stop button

• 73 Coffee Icons
coffee cup, coffee mug, iced coffee, percolator, coffee mill, moka pot, coffee machine, coffeemaker, coffee cocktail, frappe, all kinds of coffee brewing methods such as portafilter, aeropress, turkish cezve, eva solo, vacuum pot, chemex, hario v60, drip brew, v shape drip, vietnamese coffee and more

• 73 Data Analytics Icons
algorithm, antivirus, API interface, automation, average, bar graph, box plot, business intelligence, cloud computing, cluster analysis, complexity, dashboard report, data centre, data cleaning, data collection, data filtering, data mining, data modeling, data network, data processing, data protection, data science team, data science, data scientist, data synchronization, data transformation, data warehouse, database architecture, database, decision making, decision tree, deep learning, design algorithm, determine object, frequency table, global infrastructure, growing data, histogram, information presentation, internet server error, IT department, line graph, log file, machine learning, machine thinking, missing pattern, OLAP, pattern system, pie chart, prediction, problem solving, protocol, pyramid, random sampling, raw data, reach goal, regression analysis, report customization, reverse engineering, scalability, scatter plot, scramble system, secure backup, shared web hosting, software developer, statistics, structured data, system update, timeline chart, unstructured data, user analysis, variability, web hosting

• 74 Cryptocurrency Icons
ledger, proof of elapsed time, proof of capacity, proof of stake, proof of work, double spending, coin faucet, fiat money, invest trust, block reward, withdraw, GPU mining, CPU mining, stocks, OTC trading, ICO, bitcoin mixer, stellar, ripple, waves, ardour, nem, dash, ethereum, monero, litecoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin, SHA 256, bitcoin storage, bitcoin exchange, bitcoin craft, bitcoin farm, payment system technology, cloud mining, mining hardware, cryptographic signature, hashrate, ethereum blockchain, ordered records, timestamp, halving, multi-signature, node, white paper, consensus modular protocol, peer-to-peer, pay with bitcoin, litecoin accepted, ethereum wallet, ethereum mining, ethereum accepted here, encrypted, distributed ledger, digital key, decentralized, crypto wallet, cryptocurrencies going up, blockchain, bitcoin wallet, bitcoin vs gold, bitcoin encryption, bitcoin calculator, bitcoin accepted, anonymity, altcoins

• 76 Casino Icons
bingo, blackjack, poker, casino, roulette wheel, slot machine, poker chip, stack of cards, croupier, baccarat, lottery, credit card, review, bonus, bar, crown, baseball, basketball, rugby, football, soccer, horsebetting, bowling and more

• 78 Fintech Line Icons
abacus, api, assets, asymmetric keys, atm, attorney, b2b, b2c, balance, bank, big data, billionaire, bills, bitcoin, blockchain, british pound, budgeting, calculator, chargeback, check, chinese yuan, credit card, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, cvv, cyber identity, data mining, deposit, dollar, education savings, email transfer, emergency fund, euro, exchange, funds transfer, gazelle, gold, growth, handshake, home loan, theft, income, insurance, interest rates, internet banking, internet of things, investment, japanese yen, leasing, management, mobile banking, money bag, money growth, money making, money, monitoring, p2p lending, payment, piggy bank, planning, profit, report, retirement savings, revenue, saas, safe box, savings, secure, sharing economy, statistics, stocks, strategy, success, taxes, transfer, unicorn, value, wallet

• 79 Hair & Beauty Icons
hair cut, extension, coloring, blow dry, treatment, straightening, mask, perming, bridal hair, afro, make up, female, male, beard trim, appointment, products, team, hairdresser school, working hours, mirror, moustache and beard, hairclipper, barber pole, barbershop, lotion, razor blade, shave foam, shaving razor, shaving brush, straight razor, cologne spray, comb, hair dryer, styling iron, towel, spray, scissors, hair brush, vintage hair dryer, barber's chair, yoga, body massage, spa and facial, peeling, spa, nail manicure, custom nail paint, foot massage, aromatherapy, herbal detox, hair care, waxing, jacuzzi, sauna, healthy, open hours, beauty, stone, bamboo, candle, massage oil, water drop, bath towel, flip flops, shower bath, swimming, lotus, herbal pills, feet, solarium, bathroom scale, bikini girl

• 80 E-commerce Icons
online shop, account, shopping cart, search, shipment, black friday sales, brand new, open, groceries, present, sales, tracking code, cargo protection, customer service, pay with credit card, timed deals, wallet, shopping list, men's clothing, women's clothing, savings, exchange, checkout, promotion, shopping bag, price tag, basket, mobile commerce, e-commerce, money back guarantee, digital currency payment, 24 hours service, atm, hand truck, secured payment, calculator, men's shoes, women's shoes, location, buy now, customer service, budget list, closed, premium product, cashback, mobile shopping, recommended, order checkout, select product, free delivery, fast delivery, worldwide shipping, terms & conditions, online auction, limited supply capacity, live chat, site traffic analytics, loyalty program, sales analytics, client cost, B2B, B2C, C2C, supply chain management, inventory management, data collection system, payment processor, payment gateway, cash on delivery, pay with paypal, online funds transfer, electronic check, gift card, SEO, product image, size guide, product return, wishlist, invoice, sold out

What You Will Receive?
A zip file that includes all 744 unique icons in the following formats:
• .AI
• .EPS
• .SVG
• .PSD
• .PNG sized 256x256
• .PNG sized 512x512

Why Buy From Us?
• Experienced design team with tens of thousands of icons under our belt.
• 100% focus on icons. A great designer does not make a great icon designer. We know all the nuances in icon design
• Fast & Friendly. That's what you can expect from our support team.
• Awesome File Structure. We cannot stand messy files and neither should you. All our icon sets are delivered with 5 subfolders, each representing a different format for your ease of access.

Real Customer Reviews ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
These are top notch icons, the files were also set up perfectly! If I could, I would have custom icons created by Flat! - by AustinTBiggs

The icons are really well made, It ships with 5 different file formats which makes it really easy to use it for websites and or creating brochures and flyers. - by sebastianobellinzis

Amazing icons, my sites became shiny after adding them to my homepage. - by A-works
What are you waiting for? Grab this bundle now and WOW your clients! :)
  • 744 high-quality icons from premium collections
  • 100% vector icons: easy to edit, change color or resize

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