Startup Icons Bundle | Part 2

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Featuring 412 of 800+ Vector Icons from 11 Premium Collections!
(Startup Icons Bundle [Part 1]:

The Startup Bundle [Part 2] includes 412 vector color line icons from Contact Us Icon Set, Artificial Intelligence Icon Set, Communication & Media Icon Set, Data Analytics Icon Set, Cryptocurrency Icon Set, and E-commerce Icon Set.

Whether you are launching a small, medium or large enterprise, you may find these colorful icons useful for the following purposes:
• to describe your services and offerings on your website
as supporting graphics on your social media such as Facebook Page, Instagram Story Cover, Pinterest Graphics and more
• to beautify your company presentation slide deck
• to design eye-catching infographics for your startup
as decorating element in your print based materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards and more... the possibilities are endless!

Here's a little taste of what's included in each icon set:

• Contact Us Icon Set includes 55 vector color line icons for contact us page, feedback and enquiry form.

Icons included: call, location, email, contact, write, send, telephone, globe, smartphone, calendar, phone call, website, chat, online question, mailbox, 24 hours, sending, info, live chat, phone book, subscribe, map, online help, social media, support, time, contact form, fax and more.

• Artificial Intelligence Icon Set includes 60 vector color line icons for startups involved in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, and simulation technology.

Icons included: superintelligence, human vs AI, quantum computing, artificial noosphere, turing test, graphene, black box learning, algorithm, pet robot, neural interface, intelligence assistant, eyetap augmentation, driverless car, multi-agent system and more.

• Communication & Media Icon Set includes 70 vector color line icons for press, media, network & communication and public relations.

Icons included: compass, earth station, music player, camera, satellite, webcam, landline, phone signal, video recorder, pendrive, casette player, loudspeaker, satellite truck, casette, speaker, vhs tape, equalizer, news headline, television, film reel, video player, calendar, microphone, radio, worldwide coverage, readership, modem, wifi, deadline, reporter, handsfree, walkie talkie and more.

• Data Analytics Icon Set includes 73 vector color line icons for data analysis, data methodology and data presentation.

Icons included: API interface, automation, bar graph, box plot, cluster analysis, dashboard report, data centre, data cleaning, data collection, data filtering, data mining, data modeling, data network, data processing, data protection, data science team, data science, deep learning, histogram, line graph, OLAP, pattern system, pie chart, pyramid, random sampling, raw data, regression analysis, reverse engineering, scalability, scatter plot, statistics, user analysis, variability and more.

• Cryptocurrency Icon Set includes 74 vector color line icons for crypto, bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Icons included: anonymity, altcoin, peer-to-peer (P2P), proof of work, proof of stake, proof of capacity, proof of elapsed time, ethereum, initial coin offering (ICO), bitcoin mining, white paper, node, double spending, block reward, digital key, SHA 256, coin faucet, fiat money, block reward, payment system technology, halving, timestamp, consensus modular protocol and more.

• E-Commerce Icon Set includes 80 vector color line icons for online store, retail & shopping, logistics & delivery.

Icons included: online shop, account, shopping cart, search, shipment, black friday sales, groceries, sales, tracking code, pay with credit card, wallet, shopping list, savings, checkout, promotion, shopping bag, price tag, basket, money back guarantee, secured payment, review, cashback, mobile shopping, recommended, free delivery, worldwide shipping, terms and condition, loyalty program, sales analytics, supply chain management, inventory management, data collection system, payment processor, payment gateway, product return, invoice and more.

What You Will Receive?
A zip file that includes all 412 unique icons in the following formats:
• .AI
• .EPS
• .SVG
• .PSD
• .PNG sized 256x256
• .PNG sized 512x512

Why Buy From Us?
• Experienced design team with tens of thousands of icons under our belt. Don't believe us? Just check out our profile:
• 100% focus on icons. A great designer does not make a great icon designer. We know all the nuances in icon design
• Fast & Friendly. That's what you can expect from our support team.
• Awesome File Structure. We cannot stand messy files and neither should you. All our icon sets are delivered with 5 subfolders, each representing a different format for your ease of access.

Real Customer Reviews ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
These are top notch icons, the files were also set up perfectly! If I could, I would have custom icons created by Flat! - by AustinTBiggs

The icons are really well made, It ships with 5 different file formats which makes it really easy to use it for websites and or creating brochures and flyers. - by sebastianobellinzis

Amazing icons, my sites became shiny after adding them to my homepage. - by A-works
What are you waiting for? Grab this bundle now and get the ball rolling on your startup!
  • 412 high-quality icons from premium collections
  • 100% vector icons: easy to edit, change color or resize

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