The Client Bundle | Part 3

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Featuring a whopping 732 of 2,528 icons from 32 multi-variety icon sets such as business, food, technology, engineering, 3d printing, social media, maps, beauty and so much more! Especially useful for freelance designers, creative agencies and design studios who work with multiple clients.

Here is a list of all the icon sets included in this mega bundle:
• 29 Blockchain Line Icons
altcoins, anonymity, bitcoin accepted here, bitcoin calculator, bitcoin encryption, bitcoin mining, bitcoin to paypal, bitcoin vs dollar, bitcoin vs ethereum, bitcoin vs gold, bitcoin wallet, blockchain, cryptocurrencies going up, cryptocurrency wallet, decentralized, digital key, distributed ledger, encrypted, ethereum accepted here, ethereum mining, ethereum wallet, litecoin accepted, pay with bitcoin, peer-to-peer (P2P), ripple, smart contracts

• 35 User Icons
male, female avatar

• 50 Customer Service & Feedback Icons
5 stars, app rating, balloon hearts, checklist, comments, completed survey, customer feedback, dissatisfied, error report, family feedback, form, group feedback, happy, heart, help, bar graph, improvement / suggestion, info, mail feedback, survey mobile app, no, okay hand sign, online rating, online testimonials, phone survey, pie chart, please like, please rate, positive feedback, positive review, Q&A session, Q&A survey, quote, satisfaction, satisfaction level, satisfaction survey, satisfied, score rating 1, score rating 2, star rating, stars, survey search, testimonials, thumbs up, top rated, write review, yes

• 58 3D Printing & Modeling Icons
3d printer, designer tools, visual sketching, 3d modeling, scale modification, 3d scanner, handheld 3d scanner, 3d programming, object settings, object editing, model preparation, file processing, core forming, printing filament, rapid prototyping, project file, tech resources, project processing, tablet drawing, magic creation, 3d technology, digital printing, digital factory, printing process, layers, 3d bridge, 3d architecture, 3d furniture, 3d food printing, 3d glassware, 3d shoes, 3d toys, robotics, 3d rocket engine, dental model, 3d hearing aid, 3d prosthetics, 3d medical model, exoskeleton, 3d printer pen, machinery, materials, packaging, stereolithography, digital light processing, continuous digital light processing, fused deposition modeling, material jetting, nanoparticle jetting, drop on demand, binder jetting, multi jet fusion, selective laser sintering, direct metal laser sintering, electron beam melting, laser engineering net shape, electron beam additive manufacturing, laminated object manufacturing

• 59 Law & Copyright Icons
copyrighted artwork, creative authorship, search records, free access open content, original concept, inspiration ideas, fake concept, digital law, borrowing ideas, image sharing, online court, copyright conflict, online trademark, protected ideas, dmca file notice, patent law agency, media content types, invention patent, arbitration process, non-profit public domain, initial filing, patent accepted, patent rejected, subsequent filing, copyright expiry, intellectual property, swear, gavel, judge, female lawyer, male lawyer, law book, jury, social justice, thief of idea, intellectual piracy, plagiarism, ask a lawyer, practice areas, signature, court house, defense, trade secrets, unfair competition, music work, literature work, design work, discovery, geographical indications, trade dress, motion picture copyright, choreography copyright, painting copyright, photography copyright, sculpture copyright, software copyright, tv broadcast copyright, radio broadcast copyright, industrial design copyright

• 96 Travel Icons
5 stars hotel, airplane, anchor, baby stroller, backpack, beach ball, beach chair, handbag, mattress, beach villa, bedroom, beer, bicycle, bikini, bird, boat steering, bowling,butterfly, camcorder, camping, car rental, card deck, compass, credit card, cruise, cruise ticket, dice, digital camera, disabled, diving mask, oxygen tank, dolphin show, fashion store, fins, fish, flight ticket, golf, gps, hammock, hand bouquet, honeymoon, hot air balloon, hot beverage, ice cream, information, island, jellyfish, jet ski, life jacket, life saver, luggage, luggage trolley, men accessories, moon, museum, ocean waves, parachute, party ball, passport, pool, private guest house, restaurant, roller skate, room key, sailing boat, sand bucket, sandals, shark, soda drink, sport shoes, starfish, sun, sunblock cream, sunset, surfer, swimming, swimming pants, taxi, tennis, theatre, tour bus, trailer park, train ticket, volley ball, water park, wedding cake, welcome drink / martini, wheeled luggage, wifi, windsurfing, wine, women accessories, yacht

• 100 Online Education Icons
student desk, online course, learning tools, ebook, education apps, reading online, online counseling, e-learning, distance learning, cloud library, creative teaching, sharing ideas, male & female students, group class, class timetable, university, global education, virtual education, online tests, maths, chemistry, physics, geometry, geography, biology, science, research, astronomy, timing, history, music, sports, painting, modern art, back to school, assignment, home education, favorite lessons, student notes, specialization, skill development, knowledge mastery, search of knowledge, power of knowledge, code learning, blended learning, language learning, audio book, video lesson, audio course, web research, strategy, webinar, education forum, community, learning support, know-how, questions and answers, student profile, literature exchange, download and upload documents, learning materials, economic education, investment in education, educational marketing, educational vision, right to education, teaching, professional training, brainstorming, exchange ideas, explore, mind mapping, innovation, mentoring, brain training, potential, certificate, male & female professors, scholarship, degree, successful students, award, first place, study success, graduation, mobile access, bookstore, browse courses, two way communication, best grade, discover, wisdom, adventure, vision, career choice

• 100 SEO Icons
AB testing, Affiliate marketing, backlink building, blogging, bookmarking, branding, bug fixing, business solution, strategy, campaign launch, timing, tweak, career, case study, clean code, cloud search, communities and networks, content delivery, content management, content marketing search, conversion optimization, creative campaign, custom coding, domain registration, ecommerce solution, email marketing, events calendar, fresh content, game development, goals completion, hosting service, in-store promotion, keyword analysis, keyword density, keywords and rankings, landing page optimization, landing page, link building, local search, maintenance tool, market research, market watch, marketing idea, mobile marketing, online presence, organic search, page quality, page rank badge, page speed, pay per click, picture optimization, places optimization, PR & communication, private network, ranking factor, readability check, remarketing service, reputation management, responsive design, retina ready web design, return on investment, robot.txt, search engine optimization, search time schedule, SEO awards, SEO benchmark, SEO contest, SEO monitoring, SEO performance, SEO report, SEO tags, SEO training, SEO white hat, packages, portfolio, sitemap, smart alerts, social engagement, social integration, social media collaboration, social media marketing, social media press release, social signal, strategy & consultancy, support services, synchronizing, target audience, target keywords, translation & localization, users flow, video marketing, viral marketing, web analytics, web crawler, web development, website optimization

• 100 Web Hosting Icons
system preferences, cyber security, network server, file access, server, global network, website algorithm, cloud security, page loading, desktop, mobile optimization, data transfer, lan unplugged, file system, high speed communication, firewall, premium hosting, backup, cloud computing, authorization manager, wireless modem, network security, dedicated server, data backup, internet connection, www, network hub, connect, cloud server, cyber security, http cookie, data storage, unstructured information, data cable, zip files, data center, domain registration, cloud services, mobile network, workstation, system protection, seo performance, safety, seo, online support, cloud drive, information download, fast process, db architecture, sql database, authentication, mobile app server, web design, server client, domain, wifi & server, customer support, server control, monitoring software, data sharing, data encryption, online database, increase traffic, database scanning, data protection, database connection, access control, cloud circuit, wireless database, bug fixing, server protection, server cabinet, fast access, tech support, solution, unlimited storage, server rack, servers, database, web malware, mobile database, login, cloud database, feedback form, wireless, logout, desktop & mobile connection, technical tools, hosting services, cloud client, hosted application

• 105 Medical & Healthcare Icons
hospital, waiting period, direct admission, diagnostics, ask a doctor, microscope, ECG monitor, hospital bed, IV, stretcher, doctor, nurse, shift rotation, ambulance, emergency chopper, price tag, savings, health insurance, online claim, online pharmacy, painful region, search for symptoms, symptom list, type of pain, injury, injection, stethoscope, thermometer, first aid kit, supplies cart, heart rate, balanced diet, weight management, ayurvedic, pill bottle, sleep disorder, depression, broken arm, bone fracture, podiatry, optometry, dental, orthopedic, endocrinology, urology, baby, art therapy, medical book, medical folder, frequency, crutches, disabled, blood drop, blood donation, plaster, test tube, round bottom flask, poop sample, urine sample, microscope slide, lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, ear, stomach, head, ribs, spine, brain, thyroid, lymph nodes, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, intestines, hair, male reproductive, female reproductive, bladder, mouth, DNA, blood cells, pacemaker, surgery, forceps 1, forceps 2, forceps 3, forceps 4, forceps 5, scalpel, radioactive, chemicals, straitjacket, ID card, sphygmomanometer, defibrillator, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, addiction, derma roller, health sign, hospital sign, healthcare sign, on call

What You Will Receive?
A zip file that includes all 732 unique icons in the following formats:
• .AI
• .EPS
• .SVG
• .PSD
• .PNG sized 256x256
• .PNG sized 512x512

Why Buy From Us?
• Experienced design team with tens of thousands of icons under our belt.
• 100% focus on icons. A great designer does not make a great icon designer. We know all the nuances in icon design
• Fast & Friendly. That's what you can expect from our support team.
• Awesome File Structure. We cannot stand messy files and neither should you. All our icon sets are delivered with 5 subfolders, each representing a different format for your ease of access.

Real Customer Reviews ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
These are top notch icons, the files were also set up perfectly! If I could, I would have custom icons created by Flat! - by AustinTBiggs

The icons are really well made, It ships with 5 different file formats which makes it really easy to use it for websites and or creating brochures and flyers. - by sebastianobellinzis

Amazing icons, my sites became shiny after adding them to my homepage. - by A-works
What are you waiting for? Grab this bundle now and WOW your clients! :)
  • 732 high-quality icons from premium collections
  • 100% vector icons: easy to edit, change color or resize

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