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A military, or an armed force, may use various weapons at their disposal to support the interests of the sovereign state that has authorized them. One of their jobs is to protect their respective countries from imminent danger. With land, sea, and air troops, they carry out missions to serve their country. Being in the military has been one of the oldest jobs to exist because security is such an important issue to mankind.

If you are thinking of helping our troops, these 78 Military Icons are perfect for you! They can help you convey your message or idea to the world or help you in your presentation. Maybe you’re thinking of doing something in the tech industry? Then these military rounded icons can be used as an image in your app or website!

This Military Icon Set Includes:
army, marines, navy, air force, combat engineer, stem soldier, cyber operations specialist, artillery specialist, air defense missile system, long range air missile, tank, guard mechanics, combat medic, EOD, bomb disposal robot, coast guard, memorial day, grenade, rocket, spouse, spouse appreciation day, ammo, handgun, machine gun, knife, nuclear bomb, apache helicopter, stealth bomber, salute, rank, submarine, dynamite, bulletproof armor, bomb, radar sonar, walkie talkie, paratrooper, K9 patrol, badges, military truck, military jeep, cannon, smoke grenade, backpack, barb wire, target practice, surrender flag, bounty, watchtower, gas mask, airdrop, military radio, rope and hook, battlefield, crossbow, RPG, sniper, barracks, pocket knife, handcuffs, binocular, brass knuckle, female soldier, strategy, communications center, battleship, operator, helmet, blood donation, compass, veteran, military education, military pay, veteran benefits, veteran healthcare, veteran jobs, VA home loan, military retirement.

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78 .SVG
78 .PNG sized 256x256
78 .PNG sized 512x512

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All our icons are 100% vector, so you could freely customize and scale the icons.
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