900+ Icons - Caramel Vector Bundle

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This Caramel Icon Bundle includes 915 Vector Icons from 11 Premium Collections, including: Gardening Icon Set, Travel Icon Set, Food & Drink Icon Set, Ecology Icon Set, Design Icon Set, Communication & Media Icon Set, Coffee Icon Set, Logistics Icon Set, Oil & Gas Icon Set, Contact Us Icon Set, Survey & Feedback Icon Set.

Whether you are launching a small, medium or large enterprise, you may find these colorful icons useful for the following purposes:
• to describe your services and offerings on your website
as supporting graphics on your social media such as Facebook Page, Instagram Story Cover, Pinterest Graphics and more
• to beautify your company presentation slide deck
• to design eye-catching infographics for your startup
as decorating element in your print based materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards and more... the possibilities are endless!

🎁 Here's a little taste of what's included in each icon set:

• 60 Survey & Feedback Icons ($12):
5 stars, app rating, balloon hearts, checklist, comments, completed survey, customer data, customer experience, customer feedback, dissatisfied, error report, family feedback, fill up form, group feedback, happy, heart, hearts, help, horizontal bar graph, improvement suggestion, info...

• 65 Contact us Icons ($12):
call, mail, location, email, contact, write, send, world, home, glove, smartphone, calendar, phone call, website, template, text message, talk on phone, profile, chat, telephone, online question, send mail, mailbox, chat, messaging, 24 hours, sending, contacts, info, schedule, live chat...

• 65 Oil & Gas Icons ($12):
power plant station, oil pump production, global warming, oil barrel, factory production, gas station, storage tank, pressure meter, drilling rig, power industry, environmental pollution, fossil fuels, transmission tower, gas pipeline, industry worker, nuclear plant, coal mining...

• 70 Logistics Icons ($12):
logistic replacement, signboard, dimension, online shopping, express delivery, order delivery, round the clock, stamp, warehouse, warehouse trolley, parcel out, delivery, destination, mail, fast delivery, delivery weighing, this side up, easy return, delivery on bike, delivery scheduled...

• 80 Coffee Icons ($14):
percolator, iced coffee, french press, coffee mill, sugar and milk, coffee cup, moka pot, coffee to go, coffee app, coffee capsules, coffee tree, instant coffee, coffee cocktail, coffee is love, coffee pods, coffee machine, coffee maker, coffee pack, croissant, cupcake, spices, vending machine...

• 80 Communication & Media Icons ($12):
24h support, bluetooth, calendar, call forwarding, camera, cassette player, cassette, cd, chatting, compass, contacts, data transfer, deadline, desktop messaging, document, earth station, email, equalizer, fax, film reel, handycam, headphone, incoming, info, landline, link...

• 80 Design Icons ($14):
logo design, branding, brand guidelines, packaging design, shirt design, web design, responsive design, wireframe sketching, ui ux design, icon development, interaction design, interior design, billboard design, magazine layout, sketching, vector illustration, digital artwork, fine arts...

• 80 Ecology Icons ($14):
recycling, global warming, solar energy, turbine energy, radioactivity, organic bag, smart car, biogas energy, bicycle, replant, batteries, bio garbage bag, energy efficiency, green chemistry, purified water, green construction, accumulator, water energy, green technology, healthy earth...

• 100 Food & Drink Icons ($14):
bacon, beef steak, beer, black forest, bubble tea, burger, burrito, cake, canned food, cereal, cheese, chocolate, churros, cocktail, coconut water, coffee, cookie, corn dog, crab, crepes, croissant, cupcake, curry rice, dairy free, dim sum, donut, egg free, energy drink, french fries...

• 115 Travel Icons ($14):
5 star hotel, airplane, anchor, baby stroller, baby, backpack, beach ball, beach beverage, beach chair, beach handbag, beach mattress, beach villa, beach, bedroom, beer, bicycle, bikini, bird, boat steering, bowling, butterfly, camcorder, camping, car rental, card deck, compass, credit card...

• 120 Gardening Icons ($14):
water supply, garden hose, spray bottle, outdoor light, lantern, fence, soil PH meter, planting guide, temperature, water, garden shed, arbor, swing, well, harvest, starling box, honey, vermin, butterfly, bee, pruning saw, wheelbarrow, gloves, rubber boots, rake, pruner, watering can...

🎁 What You Will Receive?
A zip file that includes all 915 unique icons in the following formats:
• .AI
• .EPS
• .SVG
• .PSD
• .PNG sized 256x256
• .PNG sized 512x512

🎁 Why Buy From Us?
• Experienced design team with tens of thousands of icons under our belt.
• 100% focus on icons. A great designer does not make a great icon designer. We know all the nuances in icon design
Fast & Friendly. That's what you can expect from our support team.
• Awesome File Structure. We cannot stand messy files and neither should you. All our icon sets are delivered with 5 subfolders, each representing a different format for your ease of access.

Real Customer Reviews ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
These are top notch icons, the files were also set up perfectly! If I could, I would have custom icons created by Flat! - by AustinTBiggs

The icons are really well made, It ships with 5 different file formats which makes it really easy to use it for websites and or creating brochures and flyers. - by sebastianobellinzis

Amazing icons, my sites became shiny after adding them to my homepage. - by A-works
What are you waiting for? Grab this bundle now and get the ball rolling on your design projects!
  • 915 high-quality icons from premium collections
  • 100% vector icons: easy to edit, change color or resize

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